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Eric Vogel


I am Eric Vogel,

(this guy => Uploaded Image: eric3.jpg )

and I am in team We Are Not Picky.

I am a CS/INTA double major, and I am fluent in Spanish. If you want to know anything else, go to my website-

warning: It is definately not politically correct. If you get offended or pissed off, that is your problem and I don't want to hear about it.

Otherwise shoot me a msg sometime. I'm one of those guys who's enthusiastic about Linux but still uses XP a lot because WINE still doesn't work that well and there are a lot of progs and drivers that just don't work that well on Linux. I'm finding more and more that the converse is true as well- that is, that there are some Linux apps that I love that just don't work that well on Windows.

Anyway, my work philosophy is this: do exactly what is asked for, no more, no less. I'm signed up for 20 hours right now, so no fancy translucent minimize and maximize buttons that make cool woosh sounds.. The way I see if, if we do everything that is asked for we ought to get an A. And an A is an A. I'll admit I'm not the strongest coder in the world, but I'm very reliable and if I'm having trouble with something, I will do what needs to be done (consult the group/TA/prof) rather than just show up with my part not done. That is not kewl.

Eric Vogel
AIM: TheSeyon
ICQ: 1290505

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