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Musa Siddeeq

Hello. I will be walking in May 2006.

I want an A in this course.

I work a job but only 2 days a week after 6pm and one weekend night.

The concept of Xtreme Programming sounds good to me so anyone who is not running a linux build on their laptop (cuz if u are, u take ur self way too serious) shoot me an email at musa -at- gatech

Special Upcoming Absences
Tue Jan 10 9am until late, I am away from campus.
Sat Jan 14 12noon until Sunday 9am I am on Housing Duty and so unable to meet on campus.
Sun Jan 15 9am until 3pm I am away from campus.

My Weekly Schedule

Time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
0900 X X X X X O O
1000 O X O X O O O
1100 O O O O O O O
1200 X O X O X O O
1300 X O X O X O O
1400 X O X O X O O
1500 O O O O O O O
1600 O O O O O O O
1700 O O O O O O O
1800 O O O X O O X
1900 O O O X O O X
2000 X O O X O O X

Midterm 1 Review
Musa - CoWeb Assignment 2

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