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Spring 2006 Milestone 1

For the first group project milestone, you will be doing the object-oriented analysis (with CRC cards and Scenarios) of last term's project—SqueakPoint. It is important that you get used to CRC cards and learn how to use them properly before you start your project. By having you do the analysis for a different project, you will have a chance to get feedback before starting on the wrong foot.

To help you do a good job, you may want to look at others' solutions from last semester. Several groups posted their CRC cards on the Cases page. Feel free to borrow their solutions; as long as you can explain the design, it is fine.


You are designing a Powerpoint-like application in Squeak. You are going to have multiple slides in the presentation. In addition to stepping through the presentation normally, you will add two features borrowed from PowerPoint: templates and layouts.

Design templates: PowerPoint offers the user a variety of design templates (or color schemes) for the user to apply. I can change the design template of a presentation and font (font style, size, color, drop-shadow, boldness, alignment, etc.) and background will change on every slide. Usually, the title slide will have a slightly different background than the rest of the slides.

Uploaded Image: designTemplates.png

Slide layouts: By default, a PowerPoint presentation starts out with a title slide. The next slides are (by default) "bulleted list" slides. But, you can create others. See the ones below. In PowerPoint, you can also change the layout of a slide after the fact. You've created a bulleted list slide and decide that you need a picture. You change the layout and a picture appears and the text area is resized, but the content is preserved. Your design should allow for this as well. If possible, you should not lose any content. You should implement all the slide layouts below:

Uploaded Image: slideLayouts.png

You are to create CRC cards for this SqueakPoint. The main focus should be on the templates and the layouts, though you will have to create cards for objects like Slide and Presentation to make your CRC cards functional. You should also create Scenarios for dealing with these two features.

Check List of Things to Complete

  1. Add your team's information to Spring 2006 Teams
  2. Work together to create the CRC cards and the Scenarios for SqueakPoint
  3. Get feedback from the TA (mandatory)

Grading Criteria

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