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Spring 2006 Project Milestones

Each team (of 3-4 people) will complete 6 milestones. The first two are worth 3% of your grade each. The last four are worth 7% of your grade each. Together, that is 34% or about 1/3 of your total grade. To succeed in this class, your team will have to work well together.

For milestone due dates, see the Class Schedule: It is definitive. While there are definite deadlines for each milestone, there is nothing keeping you from going on to the next milestone early. If you are making good progress, it only helps you to get things done early; however, don't get too far ahead of your TA. Show your TA your milestones early and they can help you find problems before you turn it in for evaluation.

Overview of the Project

For this semester, you will be implementing a 2-D Animation Studio. You've probably seen some of those Flash animations on the Internet. Check out Peanut Butter Jelly 2006. If you like South Park, check out The Spirit of Christmas (Warning: potentially offensive. Sorry); this one isn't actually Flash, but the animation is pretty crude. Yet, even a really simple animation can be highly entertaining—check out the original Peanut Butter Jelly Time. You will be creating an environment to support others in creating 2-D animations like this.

Summary of the Milestones

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