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Spring 2006 Programming Assignment 2 Questions

I am a little confused about the tagging system. Which cell do you want us to tag? Will it be the last cell the user clicked on? Please elaborate on this.
Many thanks. –ahsan.
Concerning Tagging: 1)As mentioned previously it is up to you to decide how your tagging system will work. The requirement here is that "Your tagging system should be flexible, usable, and useful." 2)What tagging implies is that if the user wants to visually see what row a cell belongs to, or what column a cell belongs to, or what region a cell blongs to, they are provided a way to do so by some ingenious way of your choosing (mentioned previously was the idea of the yellow-button menu). 3)The idea is to make solving the puzzle a little easier by giving the user the ability to "tag" or highlight these region-types, visually showing them the areas they are currently examining in their efforts to solve the puzzle.

I'm working on getting the autoSolve to work properly... however when I choose to have it "solve it for me" it doesn't show the progress. I have an autoSolve method in SudokuMorph that calls the "fork" on a solve method... but aside from that I'm not sure what to do. I've begun implementing the algorithm in the solve method but it doesn't display each step. I believe you went over this, so sorry.
Try using Processor yield and (Delay forMilliseconds: 1000) wait

"Can tag cells, rows, columns, and regions"
It says "and" and not "or". Is it sufficient to be able to tag a single cell or an entire neighborhood? The ability to single out and tag a region, row, or column is not particularly useful in Sudoku solving, so I'd like to avoid complicating my app with those "features" if at all possible.
It is up to you to figure out a strategy for tagging. In some way, you should be able to tag a row, tag a column, or tag a region. For instance, you could put it in the yellow-button menu. It is up to you to come up with an interface that you think makes sense for solving Sudokus.

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