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Pair-Programmers Agreement


One trendy method of software development is extreme programming (XP). One of its essential elements is pair programming. All code is generated by two programmers simultaneously working on the same computer. One person (the driver) programs, while the other (the navigator) observes and gives feedback. The programmers frequently shift roles.

As the same people who invented XP are acknowledged object-oriented experts (BTW, their programming language of choice is Smalltalk), we would like to give you the option of doing pair programming for your programming assignments. Studies have found that pair programmers generally create better code in a smaller amount of time and are more satisfied with the programming experience. So, you may want to use this opportunity to try out this style of programming. If you choose this option, you only need to turn in one assignment for your pair. Both partners will receive the same grade and will be graded by the same standards as everyone else.

NOTE: Choosing this option is not an excuse to split up the assignment between the programmers; that is cheating. All work must be done according to the pair-programmers agreement. If you are contemplating this option, please carefully review the agreement before starting work. On the day the assignment is due, you MUST hand in a completed pair-programmers agreement in class.

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