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Proper CRC Card Creation

By Chris Gray

There is often confusion on how to correctly make your CRC cards. Many students in 2340 have already taken 2335 so they are quite familiar with UML. However, few have heard of CRC cards and realize the differences. CRC cards are not as detailed as UML. They do not contain actual method calls and as such are immediately understandable by anyone reading them.

A timer is a simple tool. Even so how are we to know what update timer means? Does it update the time remaining or do some other function? What class are these methods a part of? This card is too specific on calls and does not tell us which classes it collaborates with.

Here we can see exactly what is intended. We see exactly what TimedBookMorph is responsible for and what class it collaborates with. Whereas on the previous slide one might have believed the Update Timer was responsible for updating the time, we now see it is related to page position in the presentation. Without specifying a specific interpretation, anyone can clearly see what the class will do and how it will collaborate with others.

The biggest mistake you can make is overcomplicating CRC cards. They are best used for a rough design before you move on to UML. Typicaly everyone has a slightly different picture of the project and that is why it is important to get a design on paper for group members to fall back on.

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