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Index of Tutorials and Generally Cool Squeak Things

This page was designed to decrease the time needed to find material for the beginner Squeaker as well as reduce the frustration of having to search through numerous broken links in the search of something relatively easy...and let's face it, when you search the net for something to do with Squeak most of the links will bring you back here to Tech's Squeak pages anyways!

Let's face it, even though the semester projects are always different in 2340, they all require the same things. As such, each and every student who takes 2340 spends a good amount of time searching the internet and the CoWeb for these same Squeak related topics.

This page will hopefully provide you with the information you need quickly and efficiently and not have any broken links (they were all good when I searched for and found them). Of course, this page doesn't come anywhere close to containing links to everything that you're ever going to need in Squeak, but it hopefully will contain enough for you to get your foot in the door and make progress towards your final milestone, discussion, exam, etc.

In Depth Guides to Squeak

This link contains several links to free online books, that step through just about everything that Squeak/Smalltalk has to offer

General Information about Squeak

A site that has a good amount of information on the history of Squeak and Smalltalk

This site has a brief overview of some of the cool multimedia things Squeak can do

This one contains an overview of MVC

Some Basics of Squeak

This site lists some of the basic tools that you will use while developing your applications in Squeak

Here you will find a description of the different mouse buttons that are used in Squeak

For all you Squeakers out there in 2340, you might find this site useful when collaborating with your teams

Here is an overview of the Method Finder tool in Squeak

Here are some more of the basics of Squeak

Now onto the tutorials!!!!!


And here they are, the tutorials that will help you start plowing over the mouse!

Here is a quick little guide to Squeak

For all you Java programmers out there, here's a few links for going from Java to Squeak/Smalltalk

A tutorial on Morphic counters

A bank account tutorial

A Morphic tutorial

Simply stated, a Squeak tutorial

A few Wonderland tutorials

A Timer Widget Tutorial

How-To's in Squeak

A Simple How-To Guide for a PWS Server

How to create custom menubars

How to use PartsBin

How to setup Comanche in Squeak 3.8

How to use and setup Comanche

How to write text and image files

How to record and play audio

Code Snippets and explanations


Morphic buttons

3D Fishbowl in Squeak

Forms, Views, and Windows

Drag and Drop

Morphic Event Handling

Multi-threaded Squeak

Finally, just something a little cool, but not really

A Pseudo-Recipe book of Squeak programs

So there it is. I hope that the links listed above will help at least one person in his treck through Tech. (Hey! That rhymes! ^_^)

This page was brought to you by Mike Levy, gtg459r.

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