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General Advice

In CS 2335, the goal was to make the best program you could make, and this goal was encouraged through the use of extra credit for implementing extra features, as well as the "best in show" contest. CS 2340, on the other hand, is all about fulfilling a specification. You will not get extra credit for extra work, so don't do it. Use the grading criteria as a checklist: implement everything on it, and nothing else. - JG

Chances are, you haven't used Smalltalk before. But that's okay, right? After all, it seems like half the classes here at Tech require learning a new language in the first few weeks of the semester. Well, not quite – learning Smalltalk is only half a quarter of the battle. What's going to take actual effort is learning the Squeak environment itself. Plan accordingly, and beware – from what I've heard, a big chunk of my class got zeros on Milestone 1. How much you wanna bet it's because they were trying to learn Squeak and do their assignment at the same time? Believe me, it's not a good idea! - JG

Use Montecello. I don't care how much you hate version control/love CVS/love thumbdrives/whatever, Montecello is the best way to manage Squeak projects. 'Nuff said. - JG

Thoughts on Teamwork

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