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Team Robot Chicken

Team Robot Chicken Overview
Uploaded Image: RobotChicken.jpg
by: Amro Mousa, Elliott Clark, Brandon Reynolds, Jiasheng He

Team Robot Chicken implemented a subclass of BookMorph which we named TemplatedBookMorph. This is similar to Powerpoint, except used for Squeak, and can set multiple slide layout and template types, allows for audio recording and playback, and can even be viewed online.

The Timer and the Audio

The time morph gives lots of information about the current presentation including what number page they are currently on and how long the presention has currently been running. Pressing record will start recording sound and transition times. Play button will play back the previously recorded timings and the audio (if there is any). See the How to Create Timer a Customized Timer Widget for more information about the timing and How to Record and Play Audio.

Writing The Files Out

Each time a server is started, the forms of each page in a slide show are exported to .GIF files (see How to write text and image files), then the images are loaded into a Dictionary for display on the webpages. The method of loading the images into a Dictionary permits the user to have multiple presentations exported without worrying about image overwrites.

Multiple Presentations and Servers

Each presentation creates its own web server for which the TemplatedBookMorph is registered as the handler for requests. This web server gets its port from our ServerOverlord when the Presentation is created. ServerOverlord uses class functions and class variables to manage the port numbers. Each update of the presentation needs to be written out to files and then into a dictionary. To do this click on the & and then the start server link. This restarts the server with the updated pages. See How to Setup Comanche in Squeak 3.8 for more details about installing and using server.


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