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Milestone 6 - Analysis

This was the final milestone of our project. Once again, we were able to this without changing much to our design. We already had thought through the scenerio of displaying articles back in milestone 2 and we used classes Colomn and Pages to finish the project. Our parsers were working well.

Also, we did not had any problems creating post scripts. The only problem that we ran into was to display some forms of jgp files. Squeak does not support jgp files very well and would crash while handling most jgp from ESPN websites. We had to find a way to handle these errors and we decided to pop up a default image everytime there was an error loading up an image. Out UI remained the same as we had it from milestone 2.

Another problem we encountered was to make all the images same size. By using some mathematical calculations, we were able to make all of our images the same size.

Also, we fixed the problem in our web interface of going to different links each time an item was deselected. We got rid of the javascript and the final version was all squeak ready to function in all web browsers including the scamper.

FINALLY! we were done with our project. Through this entire project, we only once compeltely changed our design. Because our design was flexible, we did not had any problems in implemeting the new requirements and were easliy able to finish the project.

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