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Milestone 4 - Analysis

This was the milestone where we had to design a web interfacne of our program. This was when Mark decided to change the criteria a little bit and said that the program should be able to run on the web as well. This was the point where we realized how important it was to have a very flexible design. All we had to change, was we added a class called Newspaper Action that would take care of any requests coming off the website. Alos, since our parsing worked great, all we had to do was instead of sending the output to the text file, we sent it to the website using PWS

PWS is a built in web server in squeak. It is not very reliable but it did the job for theis class.

One function that was very important to us in squeak was a function called asHtml. We did not had to change anything in the way we were parsing. Instead, what we did was we would pass in the article test and just but the word asHtml in front of it and automatically the text would get formatted in an html format very easily readable. So we had no problems at all for this milestone anthe reason was a strong and flexible design

For the images, we decided to store the link to the image instead of the entire image. This way, we just tell html to put image at a link and it will work. This milestone worked out pretty well for us. We felt no need to change our design. I am sure it might had some flaws in it but for the purposes of this class, it was just perfect. We could not think of much room for imporovment in it

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