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Discussion 5 - Elspeth Watson

HCI (human-computer interaction) principles for UI design: What makes for usable software?

What does it mean to have a high learning curve in UI design and for what cases is it good for? Give an example on what would be easy to understand UI design

When it comes to designing a user interface you have to consider your audience. If you are designing something for children then is has to be very easy to understand even though it might be more clicks and/or take up a lot of real estate on the screen. If you were to be designing something for programmers or people who know a lot about computers then you can make it harder to get all the beginning knowledge but once you learned that then it is easy and fast to get around the program. Having a high learning curve means that it is difficult to sit down and learn the program but once you get past that it is easy. Programs like Word have to be accessible to all levels of knowledge about the computer. An easy to understand UI design would be buttons with pictures on them. As long as you can recognize what the picture is, it is the easiest thing to understand.

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