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Milestone 2 - Analysis

This milestone was all about design and not much about coding. We had a design structure in place but that was only for our GUI. The GUI design in milestone 2 was not very flexible. We had to change the design so that it would be easy to add new categories and add new websites. Plus by this time, we had a pretty good idea of where this project was heading and Mark had given a lot of advice as to what he expects our designs to look like

The following points were kept in mind when designing the system.

Besides these, we also created our group calender and a group timeline. We defined exactly what each group member was repsonible for and what was their deadline to finish certain aspects of the project. We made one person incharge of input gui, one incharge of file input/output, two incharge of parsing (since we believed that would be the hardest) and defined specific responsibility for each memember. That was very helpful as we progressed thorugh our project.

We put a lot of effort in this milestone and as we will come to realize later on that our design was very flexible and easy to maintain. We had no problems accompanying the changes that Mark imposed on the project midway though the semester.

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