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Milestone 1 - Analysis

Milestone 1 Analysis

On this milestone, our objective was to make a GUI that represents what thr user interface is going to look like. Atl this point, we did not know a lot about the design. The UML diagram that you see was created after we turned in our project.

We did not design a whole lot of new classes for this milestone. The idea was to use as much of classes already in Squeak as we could. So, we decided the best way to do this would be though a menu.

At first, we went for a Menu GUI but the problem we ran into was we cannot pass in papremetrs when we define an action for a button. So, instead of having one method, we had lots of methods, one for each choice in the Menu. We were also unclear about the project so we decided to just meet requiremtns of this project, and then design the whole thing once we completely understand the requirements.

Our GUI in the end turned out to be simple with two scroll lists one with potential sites and one with the slected sites. We imporoved our design and implementaion of the GUI later on in this project but we kept the viusal aspects of the GUI same thourout the semester. It was easy to code, easy to use and easy to understand.

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