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The classes and why we needed them

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The Newspaper class is essentially the newspaper itself, it was used to start the program and call up the display.


The display or View for the newspaper, this class took care of displaying all the necessary text fields, buttons and menus for the project.


The model for NewspaperWindow. All of the button and menu methods are located here.


The display view for the User's Settings window. This class displays all of the necessary buttons, text fields, and menu's to allow the user to select and save their settings for their custom newspapers.


The model for SettingsWindow. ALl of the button and menu methods for setting the user's custom settings are found here.

IO, IOsubsystem, Converter

These 3 classes took care of all reading and writing to a file. Any necessarry conversions needed to get an object in the proper format to be writtin to a file. As well as parsing out the file and converting it into a usable format.

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