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Team We Get Laid On Weekends: Cases and Tips for CS2340

We Get Laid on the Weekends

Group Members

Joaquin Estrada - gtg284s
Emily Ewald - gtg474q
Courtland Goodson - gtg502q

What the F*!k is Squeak?

At first, we had only known Java, and perhaps a little bit of Scheme or Matlab. First looking at Squeak, we had no CLUE how to code or program in it at all. It was a completely new approach to programming. And this stuff was designed for kids? WTF? Maybe kids should be the Computer scientists and we should just retire... But we soon discovered helpful tools such as the Transcript, Workspace, Method Finder, and that you could basically write the code that you needed in the system browser. Although class was interesting, we didnt learn how to really do these things during lecture, or when it was explained it just flew over our heads. Our familiarity with Squeak came simply from playing around with its features, reading other classes and methods, playing with the widgets, and exploring the environment.

What They Don't Tell You In Class...

Although people will tell you that this class is easy, and a breeze compared to 2335, be aware that the milestones can take quite a bit of time, especially since you are learning a new language and are unfamiliar with its capabilities. Reviewing only the past Midterm Exams for the midterm is not sufficient enough to prepare you for the exam. You will need extensive review of all lecture slides, past exams, reading in the book, and how to code in Smalltalk.

Links We Found Helpful

Minnow - this site helped us to learn the basics of Squeak more than anything else, especially for the first milestone Timer Widget.

Working In a Team

In a class of abstinent students, we were the few, the proud, the experienced! Our group bonded well due to a common major, and interest in the opposite sex. We quickly learned that keeping in touch with each other often, and staying on top of assignments were necessary to keep high grades in the class.

Designating Jobs

For each milestone, we designated jobs to each group member. Each member was required to finish their task by a defined date, in order to keep everything on track. For example, on our second milestone, we divided the code work between two expert coders, while the remaining group members worked on the UML, CRC cards, and Test Plan.


Although they say a good design will prevail throughout all assignments, since we are all new to design principles, you'll probably have to redo your UML a few times. Also, Squeak is not JAVA. Just because something was easy in JAVA doesn't mean it will be easy in Squeak and vice versa. Be prepared for this!

Squeak Stuff We Liked

Everytime we used squeak, we would find what we needed through the Squeak tabs that were on the screen. It was so easy to find what we needed with the tabs that we decided to make our Squeakpoint menu be a tab as well. On squeakpoint startup, a new tab called "Options" was created that held buttons for all possible layouts and templates.

CS2340 Tips

If your TA will not return your grades, stay on their butt!!! until they return them as they should. You are entitled to know what grades you are receiving, and to have your graded projects in hand when necessary.

Keeping this in mind: We would also like to remind you of the second ammendment of our grand constitution...

Squeak Code

MS1 - Timer Widget - Courtland Goodson
MS4 - Perfecting Squeakpoint

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