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Fall 2005 Milestone 5 Questions

Does our presentation need to be viewable in any browser? Should we be targetting cross-browser compliancy for this milestone? Because IE is lousy in adhering to DOM and CSS standards and stuff which renders correctly in Firefox (and should render correctly according to the spec on w3's site) looks awful on IE. I got the javascript to work correctly on both browsers but I really dont have the energy to fight IE when it comes to styles.
It would be better to have it working in Mozilla Firefox because it's available on all of the platforms we may be grading on. – Andrew Sayman

with wich number do we start counting on the array of the submorph?

How can I send JPEG images in Squeak 3.8?
(^HttpResponse fromFileStream: imageName binary contentsOfEntireFile doesn't work. Is there any way to send JPEG images through the sever?)
It is not the image's name you should be using. It is a file stream on the file.

Sending imageForm to any morph will return a form (bitmap) of that morph.

NOTE: if you are using Squeak 3.8 and want to FileStream images you must say
binary contentsOfEntireFile after the stream. The default contents are outputed as ASCII.

Is this M5 actually due this monday? Can we get like couple of days more to finish this? We are just starting, and it looks like this M5 is going to bounce on our heads. We had a tough time trying to figure out how to set this server up, and that took almost all the time we had. Prof, your consideration for an extension on the due date will be highly appreciated. We can do this, but we would need a few more days to get it done the way you want it. Thanks in anticipation.

do we have to use the built in webservers or can we ask the squeak user to 'export' their presentation and dump it into apache?
You need to use a webserver implemented in Squeak – Andrew Sayman

when is the extra credit for the course due?

Additionally, the bug fix listed here in pvtWriteContentsOn: is very necessary for Squeak3.7 and Comanche from the Universe browser. Serving forms as images will not work without it. It's probably best to make this change and include it in a change set.

Everybody having problems with the downloaded version, it's because you're not running the install scripts properly and getting some of the dependencies worked out. Use the Universe Browser. If you don't know what that is, it's because you're using 3.8. The Squeak version for this class is 3.7. If it doesn't work in 3.8, then use 3.7. If you still need help, then let me know. – Andrew Sayman

"This is a class on design."

Agreed. We've done almost zero study of design concepts (yes, I go to lecture regularly). It is pretty funny that "this is a class on design". This course really needs to look at design patterns and oo concepts instead of throwing out a project that doesn't enforce such material. We're expected to come up with preemptive designs for a new language that encourages "playing around" and experimentation. Squeak design is silly for those new to Smalltalk because you don't know what you have at your disposal, nor is there documentation to try to figure it out. Something is backwards with this course. More time spent looking at relevant design material would be nice.

Commanche officially don't be working if you just download it. There are like, magical methods they use in their examples that don't exist. Way to go Squeak. You Suck Again.

i can't get the startOn: method of HttpService to run. It doesn't exist.... Any suggestions?

Is this milestone going to require updates to design documents? (UML, CRC)

comment: I should hope not, as it was not listed weeks ago in the original M5 outline. That would be pretty unreasonable to add this less than a week before it is due. Can we get clarification here?
Sure, you have to update the UML/CRC Cards, as with every milestone. By now, it shouldn't be a surprise. This is a class on design. Ideally, you should do your CRC cards / UML before you actually code. That's what they are used for.

Are we going to be able to see the grading criteria as in the previous ones?

Actually, HTML search would be quite easy since all you would have to do is use HTML form tags to post the search to your server and then handle it accordingly.

Presentation search is within Squeak, not the HTML dump of the presentation, correct? HTML search of the presentation might be difficult.
To be clear, we aren't really specifying where this feature has to happen. – Andrew Sayman

So the only requirements for implementation outside of these features... that the presentation must be able to run in a web browser off of a server on multiple machines? Is this correct?

1. Choose the specific presentation to view.

Can you clarify this?

It just means that if there are multiple presentations, you should chose which one you want to view. —Jeff Rick

And I've been looking into Comanche extensively and I see all the basic functionality, but do you have any suggestions for getting mouse click info from ISMAP via HttpRequest?

It should be passed as a param (so in the url)... however, do you know any reason we can't just use a regular link that has an <img> tag within the anchor tag when we construct our pages?
Sure. If you can get it to work as an anchor, that's fine. I think you'll have to use the ISMAP feature if you just send back images. —Jeff Rick

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