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Fall 2005 Milestone 4 Questions

As mentioned below, you should save your presentation as a project file and include it on the turnin page. —Jeff Rick

Do we have to hand in the presentation (what we are going to present on the day of the actual presentation) tomorrow ??? Or can we change what we are going to present until the day of the presentation ????? Seems to me, that this should be the case; we should have be able to change what we are going to present.

You will be presenting to people in your class. If your TA is there, you can save yourself presenting to them later. —Jeff Rick

Presentations will be done simultaneously, like a poster session. All 18 groups will be running their presentations multiple times concurrently. I'm expecting each group to present ~6 times. You can wander around and see what the different groups are doing. That is why the presentations will be in the States cluster. —Jeff Rick

The best way to do this is to include both a change set and a project file. Use the change set for your code and your project file will show your presentation. So, do as normal to create your change style. Once you have finished your presentation, save it as a project. To do that, click on the background to bring up the "World" menu. Then, press on "save project on file...". —Jeff Rick

A change set is the best way to turn it in. All the presentations will be going on at once and split over two days. The TAs will go around the states lab and check out what you have. You will also be able to go to other groups and see what they have done. –timmy

What is the best way to turnin our our actual presentation? An image? Or a change set?

If we have to make 5-minute presentations, how is it possible for one day to have a maximum of 18 presentations? 18*5=90 minutes?

Will we still be presenting for our TA or will we be presenting it some other way?

When you all say "turn in what we present", do you mean just the coding part or the entire presentation, as in slides and pictures and information?

Opps..... looked at wrong date...... thanks anyway

Wednesday, 19 October 2005, 5:31:27 pm, attach
11/11 is a Friday

Wednesday, 19 October 2005, 5:29:14 pm
Nothing wrong...... just seems that a Sunday is uncommon for a due date.

Wednesday, 19 October 2005, 5:21:15 pm, attach
The schedule pretty clearly states 11/11. Is there something wrong with this date?

Wednesday, 19 October 2005, 4:48:10 pm
When is M4 due ??? (I see it wrong (that is, wrong day/number of month) on the time-line of the class).

We really need some extra credit points to improve our grades in this course. In cs2335, you have lots of extra credit features to implement. With "strict and personal" grading requirements some TAs like ...., are enforcing in these milestones, its quite difficult to stay above average.

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