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Fall 2005 Milestone 4

After Milestone 3, your SqueakPoint application should be working. In this milestone, you will polish it and present it to others.

Polish It

For Milestone 3, we didn't care about how great everything looked. Nor did we care how smoothly the GUI worked, as long as it had a GUI. For this milestone, we will. Polish your design. Your SqueakPoint should be a useable, good-looking application at the end of this one. It should be something that you would feel comfortable doing a presentation in. That means making some of those Templates look nice and the features work. Another thing you will do to polish it is add one more feature, at your discretion. E-mail me to make sure the feature you are implementing is good enough. Here are some example things you could implement:
These are just some suggestions. Any of these is acceptable, but a cool idea your group comes up with is even better. Basically, aim for something along the lines of "that's awesome, I wish we [our group] had thought of that". Run your idea by me by Friday (10/28) to get it approved. I basically want to see it to dismiss trivial things (deleting a page), things already implemented in BookMorph (reorganizing slides), or insanely difficult things (exporting to PowerPoint format).

Grading Criteria

Present It

You will use your SqueakPoint to present your project. It should be a 5-minute presentation that shows off all the nice features of your SqueakPoint, including the four widgets you created previously. Every team member should be able to run this presentation; thus, all team members must attend class on that day. We have reserved the Intel/States cluster in the CCB on 11/14 (Monday) and 11/16 (Wednesday). Half of the groups will present their presentation on Monday; the other half will present on Wednesday. Sign-up below for a slot to present your project.

If you have question about this assignment, ask them here.

Sign-up for Days

Sign your group up to demo one of these days. Note: this is not the day that the Milestone is due; it is the day you present it. You will present what you turn in on Friday (11/11).
Monday 11/14 (maximum of 18 slots)

Team Lost
Team RobotHouse
Team CBP
Team WD-40
Team PokersAnonymous
Team Blumpkin
Team Who Cares
Timmy's Groups sign up here
Team TeamMorph
Team MouseTrap
Team 25
Team Without a Name
Wednesday 11/16 (maximum of 18 slots)

Team Sydney Swans
Team NeedMoreSleep
Team SasDeKa
Team Ninja Monkeys
Team Half 'n Half
Team SqueakMorph
Team Your Mom Goes To College
Team Bowie
Team Vorpal
Team Fouse
Team We Get laid on Weekends
Team Squawk
Team RobotChicken
Team More Powerful than Superman, Batman, and Spiderman Put Together.
Team TripleM
Habla Mundo

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