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Timeline and Member Responsibilties

Individual Responsibilities and Tasks:

Derrick Brooks -
Check the semantics for entire program.
Design and implement the following cases:
Norberto Lopez -
Design and implement the following classes:
Trishul Patel -
Test for errors and bugs.
Design and implement the following classes:
Murad Mackwani -
Debug any errors or bugs.
Design and implement the following classes:

Group Timeline:

By March 3, 2000:

Noberto will ensure that the GUI is completely functional

Trishul will have added capabilities to save/load a linear list
of text articles and list of links.

Murad will have created the Reporter class. It will be able to
visit the web pages nad parse them for articles.

Derrick will start on the Page class. The Page class will be able
to recognize different article. He will createa very crudeform of

By March 17, 2000:

Norberto will check with Derrick and ask for his page format. Norberto willallow NewspaperDisplayto calloborate with page and put the articles up. They will support no text formatting.

Derrick will have allowed Page to accept columnsand format them accordingly. For now the next will have the same size.

Trishul will start creating the PS files save/load methods and the save the appropriatetext to the page. The PS file will have multiple pages.

Murad will create the Editor classand allow it to collaboratewith Reporter. The Editor will now create articles out of HTML files. At this point the Article class will now be completed. Either Trishul or Derrick will complete it.

By April 7, 2000:

Norberto will have finished the GUI. The newspaper will display comlumns now. It will collaborate with the Column class so it knows how to put them up properly.

Derrick will have finished the Column class. It will know how to position and shape itself. Also, it knows how to position images correctly.

Trishul will now have the File class to print the PDF file as it is supposed to appear. The file will now consist of pages with each having a certain amount of articles in them.

Murad will now have Publisher over 80% complete. It will now take the list of Columns from the Editor class and create a list of pages from them. It will also now send the list of pages to NewpaperDisplay to display them.

By April 21, 2000:

Norberto and Trishul will have now conducted exhaustive testing on the GUI. They will report any errors to Murad.

Murad will notify everybody of their errors and add search capabilities for bad web sites.

The group will disperse the task to add conditions for downed websites so it can go search for other sources.

Derrick will check to ensure that all of the program makes sense and is logical.

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