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Discussion 4 - Vinayak Kashyap

Vinayak Kashyap

Question: Present at the Creation? from Midterm Review - Fall 2002

For each of the below object-oriented ideas, where did they first come from?

a. Changing a master object and automatically updating instances of that master.

b. Defining behavior in one place for a whole group of other objects, each with its own data.

c. C++


[a.] Sketchpad. The idea of master and instance drawings originated from Sketchpad, which was the first OO drawing program. This illustrates one of the key concepts of OO by showing realtionship between parent classes and their subclasses (master and instance drawings).

[b.] Simula. Simula was an OO language used for simulations. In it, one could define an activity that could be instantiated into processes. Each process maintains its own data and has its own behavior.

[c.] C++ was mainly the work of Bjarne Stroustrup,whose intention was to create an efficient version of Simula. Objects and classes in C++ are the equvalent concepts of activity and process in Simula.

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