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Discussion 4 - Steven Carr

Discussion 3

Option 1 Answer a midterm review question

History of Object Systems from Midterm #1 Review - Spring 2004
1. What is Sketchpad?

Sketchpad was an object-oriented graphics editor created by Ivan Sutherland. Each item on the canvas was a distinct object which could be manipulated apart from other objects. It also allowed "master drawings" which could be used to define instances, which was the beginning of inheritance.

2. What is Simula?

Simula was a programming language which allowed definition of an activity which would be used to create working versions of itself called processes. Each process acted on its own, but could not use or change data of another process. This was the beginning of encapsulation.

3. Who were the key people associated with Sketchpad, Simula, and the original Smalltalk?

Ivan Sutherland was the key person associated with Sketchpad. Simula was created by people in Norway. Alan Kay, as head of the Learning Research Group at Xerox, Dan Ingalls, and Ted Kaehler developed the original Smalltalk.

4. What do they have to do with Squeak?

Alan Kay, Dan Ingalls, and Ted Kaehler developed Squeak as "a development environment in which to build educational software that could be used - and even programmed - by non-technical people and by children"

5. How did OO ideas get out into the mainstream (out of the research lab)?

While working at Apple, Kay, Ingalls, and Kaehler developed Squeak from Smalltalk-80 and distrubuted on the internet as open-source software. At the same time Bjarne Sroustrup extended C into C++.

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