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Discussion 4 - Josh Holt

History of Object Systems

1. What is Sketchpad?
2. What is Simula?
3. Who were the key people associated with Sketchpad, Simula, and the original Smalltalk?
4. What do they have to do with Squeak?
5. How did OO ideas get out into the mainstream (out of the research lab)?

1) Sketchpad was an object-oriented program developed by Ivan Sutherland at MIT. It basically had a master class and instances, for example, if you had two insance houses, and you drew a chimney on the master, then the chimneys would magically appear on the instance houses.
2) Simula was a simulation language developed by Nyygard and Dohl in Norway. It defined an activity that could be instantiated as a process, which had its own data and behavior
3) For Smalltalk, the answer to life, the universe, and everything is Alan Kay. Ted Kaehler and Adele Goldberg also worked on Smalltalk
4) In 1995 they were all working at Apple, and they decided they still needed a multimedia "teaching environment". Java was unstable at the time, and Squeak was born.
5) They sent Smalltalk-80 to all the big companies of the time (HP, DEC, IBM, Sun, Apple) which started smalltalk research groups.

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