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Discussion 4 (Part I) - Nick De Jesus

1. Who first used the word "object-oriented" to talk about programming systems?
Alan Kay is one of the fathers of the idea of object-oriented programming, along with some colleagues at PARC and predecessors at the Norwegian Computing Centre, and is often credited as the one who coined the term.

2. Name a person or company who designed an OO language within the last 20 years.
Eiffel was contructed by Bertrand Meyer in 1986, now of Eiffel Software Inc.(Visit for more information)

3. How did ideas in a drawing program influence OO development?
By using a drawing a program, with its many related functions and attributes across shapes and other "objects", it was found to be better to organize similar objects together. Then, each object drawn knew what type it was, and thus, deciding what to do based on type was not necessary. Drawings will know to refresh themselves, for instance, or how to separately perform any method applied to them. Also, it is to be noted that one draw does not necessarily depend on another shape. This is an example of the Open/Close principle in OO programming.

4. Name another programming approach that was popular when OO was first developing, and name a language of the time that exemplified it.

Another programming approach was Structured Programming, and a popular example of such is LISP (List Processing).

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