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Discussion 4 - Manini Patel

Spring 2004

Define each and give an example.

Inheritance: Each of the instance drawing would be just like master drawing, and if you changed the master, all the instances would change in the same way. This is called inheritance. Example: To create multiple houses with same design we can create a blue print as a master drawing and from there we can make different houses. Any change in blue print will change every single instance.

Delegation: The activity of asking another object to perform a service for the original object receiving the message is called delegation.

Polymorphism: Having the same message perform approximately the same functions on different data is called polymorphism.

Encapsulation: The concept that objects have their own data and behaviors, and that no other object can access the data without a giver objectís permission is called encapsulation. Example: we can not touch inside of an animal.

MVC paradigm: In terms of creating object-oriented and maintainable software, there is a mechanism called model-view- controller paradigm. MVC basically describes a user interface in terms of a model of the real world, which is presented in a view, with user input handled by one or more controllers. The core idea of MVC is that we need to separate our model of the real world from the user interface view. The reality of any application is that both the model and the view are going to change over time. Example: We may be using a clock, but decide later that we want to use an Alarm clock. Our view is going to change between an analog and digital clock, or between a kind of knob and kind of button.

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