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Discussion 4 - Marcus Moore

1.Who first used the word "object-oriented" to talk about programming systems?
That would be Alan Kay, one of the workers for sketchpad.

2. Name a person or company who designed an OO language within the last 20 years.

sun microsystems with java.

3. How did ideas in a drawing program influence OO development?
Sketchpad was a program where you could create pictorial objects. This objects could represent a master prototype in which other copies could be made. These copies could have their own unique designs that would not affect the master. If the master was modified, however, the copies would get the same modification. This is similar with object oriented design in that we have blueprints for objects, and the copies(instances) of objects can be changed without affecting the blueprint. If, however, the blueprint is changed, the copies are changed as well.

4. Name another programming approach that was popular when OO was first developing, and name a language of the time that exemplified it.

Structuring. Fortran.

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