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Discussion 4 - Nick Bowman

OO Theory from Fall 2001 Midterm Review
1. What is a class? What is an instance?

A class is the actual code and design of an object (how to build one of these), while an instance is the object that has been created.

2. What is the difference between a class and instance method?

A class method is not tied to one instance of that class, and it is able to be accesed only from the class itself not an instance of that class. On the other hand an instance variable is called from only an instance of a certain class.

3. What is the difference between a class and instance variable?

Much like methods of the same name a class variable is not tied to every instance variable, there is only one class variable pre class, not instance. An instance variable is on in which only effects that particular instance, having no effect on any other copies.

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