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Discussion 4 - Emily Ewald

Discussion 4 Option 1

History of Object Systems - Midterm #1 Review - Spring 2004

1. What is Sketchpad?
Sketchpad was the first Object Oriented drawing program created by Ivan Sutherland in 1963. The Sketchpad was influenced by Vannevar Bush's concept of the Memex, a desk-like computer with a screen to write on, and input information that could be saved onto microfilm. The Sketchpad used a graphical user interface, where the grid display and pen could be used to change an object, and in turn, change all instances of that object.

2. What is Simula?
Simula was a simulation programming language created in 1966 by Kristen Mygaard and Ole-Johan Dahl from Norway. An activity in Simula could be instatiated as processes, each having its own set of data and behavior.

3. Who were the key people associated with Sketchpad, Simula, and the original Smalltalk?
Sketchpad was created by Ivan Sutherland, Simula by Kristen Mygaard and Ole-Johan Dahl, and Smalltalk by Alan Kay, Dan Ingalls, Adele Goldberg, and Ted Kaehler.

4. What do they have to do with Squeak?
The Xerox crew wanted to create educational software easily used and programmed by non-techies and children. Sketchpad, Simula, and Smalltalk formed the foundation of Squeak.

5. How did OO ideas get out into the mainstream (out of the research lab)?
The personal computer and open-source software let Object Oriented ideas out into the mainstream. The internet made the sharing of thoughts, ideas, and source code easy.

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