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Discussion 4 - Amro Mousa

Discussion 4:


1) The OO idea that all functionality of one class is passed from one class (the superclass) to another (the subclass)
2) Using another object to perform a task needed to perform the upper level task is delegation
3) The OO idea that you can overload methods in a super or abstract class such as shape to implement specific functionality for classes that inherit from shape (i.e. different area methods for circles, squares, etc.)
4) The concept that objects have their own data and actions which cannot be accessed by another object without permission
5) MVC stands for model view controller. The idea is a design pattern used to separate a program requiring user interaction into three distinct parts. The model represents the data portion of the program. The view represents the portion of the program that actually displays information (the GUI portion). The controller is the part of the program that accepts user input and can either modify the view, the model, or both.

Amro Mousa

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