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Discussion 4 - Arwa Tyebkhan

Question from Midterm Review - Fall 2002


Write workspace code (something I can select and say DoIt in the workspace) to draw the below figure. Don't worry about exact sizes–just draw two rectangles with the text inside. (To remind you, Pens know how to up, down, go:, turn:, and north:. Strings know how to displayAt: a given point.)


pen _ Pen new.
pen color: Color black.

pen up.
pen goto:200@250.
pen turn:0.

pen down.
pen go:60; turn:90; go:90; turn:90; go:60; turn:90; go:90.

pen up.
pen goto: 280@240.
pen turn:0.

pen down.
pen go:70; turn:90; go:40; turn:90; go:70; turn:90; go:40.

str _ String new.
str _ 'CS2340'.
str displayAt: 230@210.

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