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Discussion 4 - Kaori Takeuchi

Spring2004 Midterm Review: CRC
Midterm #1 Review - Spring 2004

1. What are CRC cards? Who invented them? What do they show?
CRC(Class Responsibility Collaborator) cards are used to identify classes and its tasks. They are useful tools for OOD to perform a scenario walkthrough for the design. CRC cards were introduced by Kent Beck and Ward Cunningham in 1989. Each index card shows a class name on the top, its responsibilities on the left side, and collaborators that are associated with the class on the right side.

2. How are CRC cards used?
They are usually considered a brainstorming technique in both initial and later stages of the design process. Usually during the initial model construction, a group of people participates in discussing the design, comes up with necessary classes, and writes down the information to the CRC cards. The cards can be passed around so that people can check and modify the design rapidly and easily. Since there is no need for computers but only several index cards, it is useful for all interested parties such as managers, developers, and users to visualize and "feel" for the design.

3. Develop CRC cards for a mail order system.
(The detail description of this question is at Midterm #1 Review - Spring 2004)

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