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Courtland Goodson - Discussion 4

anArray aString
anArray := #('abc' 'def' 'ghi' 'jkl').
aString := ''.
anArray do: [:each |aString := aString, each.].
Transcript show: aString.

1. What appears on the Transcript ? abcdefghijkl

2. How many times did the do: loop get executed? The loop gets executed 4 times.

Note: if they put a comma in, like the sample question has, then the comma gets printed and the loop gets execute 5 times.

i test
i := 1.
test := (i 10).
[test] whileTrue: [Transcript show: 'hello'.i := i + 1.].

3. How many times does hello get printed in this example? The loop is an infinite loop. Therefore, hello prints continuously.

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