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Mark Nichols - Discussion 3

Part 1

In milestone 2 I was responsible for coding up the insert-an-image morph. The main problem I had with this was getting the image to rotate 90 degrees. It seems that there are dozens of ways to rotate images and no clear way that you "should" do it. I messed around with different morphs and eventually decided that I should be rotating a Form. Aftet experimenting with the Form object for a while and then playing around in the method finder I stumbled across WarpBlt. WarBlt is a class that is used to "warp" all kinds of things and Blt is just a buzz word used in computer graphics stuff. Blt stands for "blit" or "blitting" which is basically copying bits to a video buffer, but that's not relevant to the topic. WarpBlt has a class method that is used for "warping" Forms. The method name is rotate and it takes in a form, degrees to rotate, a center point, scale factor and also a smoothing variable. The WarpBlt function is very fast and it worked pretty well for the assignment.

Part 2

Discussion 3 - Samuel Young
Samuel's article on the StandardFileMenu is great, I will definately be using this in future milestones to have a nice way to access files with certain extensions. If in the future we have to load SqueakPoint presentations from the hard drive then maybe have an ".sqp" extension or something.

Discussion 3 - Kevin Adkisson
Kevin makes a few good points about Squeak's virtual machine. It is very handy for something to run in its own VM. It is especially useful for an educational tool. It allows a standard to be forced for all assignments so that turnins and grading will be smooth. Or at least, smoother than some alternatives.

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