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Discussion 3 - Elliott Clark

I had an image crash on me and I lost all of milestone 2 that I created for my group. Iím not sure what caused the corruption but it was a major blow since I lost almost everything. I recovered some of it from the changes set but some of the programming was a total loss. I have since learned to backup my working image and change set more frequently. I had relied on the saving but not any more. I now use cron to tar gzip my entire working directory if anything has changed every two hours. Then I go and delete the unused tar gzips after the milestone is finished.

Useful Discussions
I read by Jiasheng He. This looks like exactly what I needed to make squeak more usable for me. I was always anoyed at having to save everytime I changed from one procedure to another procedure. Being able to see how a function is called and be changing that font seems like it will greatly increase the searching and editing capabilities.

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