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Discussion 3.2 - Dasha Kishinevskaya

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Whisker Browser

As many posters before me have already pointed out, System Browser is missing a very important feature that would allow the user to view multiple methods at the same time. Jiasheng's solution to the problem seems perfect. It does seem possible, at least from looking at the screenshot, that Whisker browser can get the viewing area a bit too cluttered for my taste. So even though I will download and familiarize myself with the alternative, I will most likely continue using the good old System Browser. Still, it is nice to know that one has options.

Retroactive Code Changes

Michael's discussion has been very helpful to me. I tend to test my code on a continuous basis, not just when polishing up the alignment/size/position or some other graphical side of the project, but virtually any time I complete a certain block of functionality. Normally, I do the exact thing Michael did before-I end up closing old objects and opening up new ones instead. Although it does not take too much time to do that, it is certainly a bit incovenient (especially when testing involves frequent tweaking).
It should also be noted that as soon as I read Michael Groves' discussion I opened up Squeak and decided to see for myself the "miracle" of retroactive changes. To my great surprise, no magic happened and I even started thinking that the author of the post was incorrect. Only a couple of minutes later did I realize to my complete embarassment that I was making changes to the initialize method. So, to anyone else who takes a break from thinking once in a while, do not expect changes to initialize method to be reflected in -already initialized- objects.

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