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Discussion 3: Vinny Ramachandran

Discussion 3

One feature of Squeak I found particularly useful is the Workspace. It gives a very easy way to test objects and functionality without a great deal of overhead code just for testing. Workspace functionality is similar to Scheme's interactions window, but is not found in languages like Java because they cannot be interacted with on that level. So for Java, I would have to add testing code, recompile, and retest to check functionality, or else design an elaborate framework that would let me test each part of my design.

The Workspace is accessible from the World menu, or else using Alt-K.

Part 2:

Discussion 3 - Joung-Goo Lee is a very interesting demonstration of the use of InternalThreadNavigationMorph to spice up presentations. I might actually consider using it in the future.

I find that I also agree with the points of Discussion 3 (Part I/II) - Nick De Jesus. The System Browser is easily one of the most powerful tools in the Squeak UI.

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