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Blake Israel 2 Discussion 3

Part 1:
I think the problem that annoyed me the most was in Milestone 1, when we had to have the timer updating the morph. I couldn't figure out how to do callbacks in the stopwatch class. So by some act of god, Mike just added his morph to the book morph and apparrently it started calling his method he had named "step", Every few ticks. It was quite awesome.

So here's my lesson learned: If you give a morph the method "step", and then add it to another morph, then that morph will call step on the child morph (especially a book morph will do this). This allows you to do something every few ticks.

Part 2:

Discussion 3 - Laura Parker
I think she presents a good argument of a lot of the downfalls of the squeak UI. I would love not to have to save everytime i want to look at another method, or have to have 30239 open browser windwos.

Discussion 3 - Michael Groves
I think that real-time(Error: this should not happen) compilation of new code, and the ability for already existing objects to make use of that code is pretty cool. I certainly wish other languages had this in their Debugging.

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