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Discussion 3 - Steven Carr

Discussion 3

Part 1
In detail, describe a problem that you experienced in Squeak. What was the problem? Why did it happen? How did you eventually overcome this problem?

The largest problem I've had with Squeak has been a lack of documentation and online tutorials or help. Java's API thoroughly documents all of the built in classes and if I have a problem, I can google it and I can probably find an answer online. Squeak has no online documentation, and its offline documentation is sketchy and inconsistent. Also, because Squeak is not commonly used, there is much less online material to help work through problems.

I havenít really overcome this problem, but I have found the System Browser to be a useful tool in dealing with it. It allows me to easily travel through a hierarchy of classes to find super class methods and see how things were done in the core Squeak code. However, the lack of comments means that I have to trace through the code and understand how it works, which takes up more time.

Part 2
Discussion 3 - Jiasheng He
Jiasheng Heís post about the Whisker Browser was very interesting and looks like a huge improvement over the normal System Browser. It seems like it will save a lot of time.

Discussion 3 - Alex Groleau
Alex Groleauís discussion of integrating Squeak with Eclipse was also interesting, though it seems like it would still be a hassle to split up coding and running code.

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