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Discussion 3 - Trevor Bentley

Part 1

2) Describe a feature you have found particularly useful

I found the “implementors of...” command to be extremely useful. Since Squeak has typeless variables, often when reading through code you'll find a message being sent to an object but you don't know the type of the object. “Implementors of...” will give you a list of all the classes that use a message so you can easily figure out which class is being used. “Implementors of...” can be invoked with [Alt]-M.

Part 2

Discussion 3 - Jiasheng He
The Whisker Browser that he links to looks very useful. I often end up with 10 or more browsers open at once, and lose track of which is which.

Discussion 3 - Vishal Patel
I had no idea that squeak supports syntax highlighting. That makes reading the code much easier.

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