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Discussion 3 - Daniel Kitchener

Daniel Kitchener's Discussion 3

Part 1

One of the biggest problems I had in Squeak was trying to figure out how to put an image onto a button. I sat for several hours trying to figure out how to get a PluggableButton to have an image instead of text. Then, I realized that I was looking at the problem from the wrong perspective. Instead of trying to put an image onto a button, I realized that I should be instead trying to put a button onto an image. What I then did was extended ImageMorph to handle mouseclicks.

Part 2

Wes Floyd's post highlighted a couple useful aspects of Squeak. First, his discussion of text syntax highlighting was really useful, as I am used to editing Java code in development environments such as Eclipse, which do this automatically.
Andrew Calvin's post on event handling also helped me a lot. His list of all of the mouse events that squeak handles saved me several hours of hunting through the browser looking for this information. His tip on using alt-period was aslo useful, as I tend to have a problem with getting stuck in infinite loops.

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