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Discussion 3-Nicholas Beckmann

I have found the workspace incredibly useful. To open a workspace bring up the world menu, select open... then pick it out of the list. Or use Alt K.

The workspace allows you to play around with bits of code with out having to deal with creating new classes and methods. I found it most useful when exploring objects trying to find an appropriate message for what I was trying to deal with. By typing out a couple lines of code you can execute them in any order you want to affectively step through bits of code. After you're finished tweaking your code it's easy to copy it into a method and have code you know works all ready to go when you actually start creating new classes.

For example, by typing the following into a workspace you can execute any one of the lines after opening it to see an immediate result. When exploring classes and their methods this is invaluable to quickly try out what kind of parameters are being expected, what certain messages do, etc.

t := TextMorph new
t openInWorld

t backgroundColor: Color green
t autoFit: true
t getCharacters
t textColor: Color blue
t chooseFont
t wrapFlag: true
t openInHand
t editor changeStyle

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