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Discussion 3 - Robert Hutson

In detail, describe a feature of Squeak that you have found particularly useful. What is the feature? Why is it useful? How do you envoke it?

One feature in Squeak which I have found particularly useful is the fact that you can create and model Morphic objects in the world without using code. Then you can manipulate the objects by rotation, moving around, adding other Morphs to it, and of course 'inspecting' it to determine what variables get what values after any of these things are done to it.
This is helpful for 2 reasons. For one, it helps the programmer visualize a good interface to use for a Morphics project. Often times, the programmer may not have any idea of what they're coding (as far as guis) until they're done and they run it and realize everything looks pretty bad. With this feature in the Squeak environment, one can first determine what Morphic objects will be used in the Morphic user interface design, and also determine how to set values to the objects using the 'inspect' feature. This latter part is the second main reason this feature is helpful. You can use this feature also in combination with some other features to get the full idea. Some of these features include class finders and method finders which one can browse through to determine what code is being run in the Squeak image and when (order of operations).

Two posts that I have found to be particularly useful:
Discussion 3 - Nirav Shah
reason: This discussion talks about using CustomMenu as an alternative to FillInTheBlank in assistance with getting user input/selection. I wasn't familiar with the CustomMenu class initially. In fact, using a menu of some sort was the original approach I took to solving the same problem, but I wound up using FillInTheBlank because I could not figure out how Squeak did menu things (or what class to look in). It sounds like the implementation of CustomMenu could be useful to have for M3.

Discussion 3 - Joung-Goo Lee
reason: This discussion contains a walk through of using a feature called InternalThreadNavigationMorph. It is a tool that can be used to make more active presentation pages, where each page here is a 'thread', and when you can create more threads at will to assist you. This could be particularly useful for the M3 SqueakPoint user interface design.

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