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Discussion 2 - Brad Sickles

Discussion 2

I found an article discussing the nature of design patterns at this URL:

Part I

I ventured to discover the answer to: 'What are the differences between creational, structural, and behavioral patterns?'
Before answering this question, I must define what design patterns are. Design patterns are a formal way of referring to the cataloging of reusable
object-oriented code. Design patterns allow us to save time with the basics of our software development because most of these catalogs have code that is
used over and over by programmers. These design patterns separate aspects of our program into smaller objects that don't become entangled. Design
patterns can be broken into divisions. Creational patterns create objects for you rather than having you instantiate objects directly. This allows for
flexibility. Structural patterns help you create groups of objects into larger structures. Behavioral patterns help define behaviors between objects in
the system and how system flow is managed.

Part II

The most popular of patterns is the Model-View-controller. This pattern is divided into 3 interacting sections. The data model handles all of the
necessary in itself. Everytime data needs to be modified, the controller alerts the model which interacts hand-in-hand with the view or user interface.
The view is typically updated after the data model performs an action or behavior so that the user sees what the data model reflects. I like this design
pattern due to its very abstract and unentangling nature. It becomes very clear where behaviors and actions belong in this model. In some cases, it may
be necessary to use this model, but in other cases I may refer to other schemes. This is simply because programming languages are usually tailored toward
one design pattern. To become most efficient, I would use the design pattern that the programming language is based on.

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