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Discussion 3 - Brad Sickles

Discussion 3

Part 1
In detail, describe a problem that you experienced in Squeak. What was the problem? Why did it happen? How did you eventually overcome this problem?

The most formidable problem with Squeak I have found is the lack of documentation and tutorials. Typically when trying to arrange a method or function, I look to my predecessors for code examples and techniques. Due to the lack of information on Squeak, the only way I am able to overcome this problem is to play around extensively on it. Sometimes I am able to accomplish my desired needs, but much of the time I must look to alternative methods for a capability. For instance, if I want to open up a file dialog box, I would search for a class similar to the keyword 'file' or 'directory'. Once I have narrowed down the selection to a few choices, I then try to instantiate methods in those classes hoping to instantiate a morph-object that I can utilize more efficiently. I can't say I have fully overcome this problem because there is much I still do not know about squeak.

Part 2
Next, find two posts that you think are useful. Link to them on your original page and explain why you found them particularly useful.

One of my teammates postings was very useful simply because he helped me through this problem during this past milestone: #17
I also found Derek's post to be very useful because unlike most students, instead of showing the weak sides of Squeak, he focused on the strong suits: Discussion 3 - Derek DeRaps

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