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Discussion 3 - Tom Filip


In detail, describe a feature of Squeak that you have found particularly useful. What is the feature? Why is it useful? How do you evoke it?

One of the features of Squeak I found to be incredibly useful is the System Browser. It is a feature that contains all the class/instance definitions of Objects, the methods that one can call on each of these Objects. Furthermore, the methods can be categorized into further categories like initialization, accessing, event handling, etc., for better readability / organization. Whether or not a language has a formal API, I always enjoy using IDEís that list all the possible methods for a particular object as you program. It is kind of annoying to me to look through books (C) or websites (JAVA) for methods, especially if I am in a constrained environment without internet. Bottom line is, that the one great thing about Squeak is that itís all in one package Ė everything thatís needed. The system browser can be invoked within a project by pressing Ctrl-B.

An example of the System Browser:

Uploaded Image: Discussion 3 image.jpg

Discussion 3 - Mark Shalda mentions the Hierarchy Browser. After trying it out, I discovered that just like the System Browser, Hierarchy Browser is also extremely useful in terms of inheritance, extending other objects, etc. One can quickly and easily figure out parent methods. Beforehand, I would have to explore this way in the System Browser, which is a valid approach, but the Hierarchy Browser can expediate things.

Discussion 3 - Ashley Durham that looks like a very usefull feature. I wish I knew about it before Milestone2 was due. I definately have to keep that one in mind! It's very useful, because it can save me time inspecting and exploring various objects, in order to program in the features that I would like my program to perform.

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