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Discussion 3 - Elspeth Watson

The problem I ran into in the squeak environment was copying and pasting. Programmers typically reuse parts of code and rather then retyping it every time, copying and pasting is a better solution. So I assumed to copy I would press Ctrl+c and for paste I would hit Ctrl+v. These are the normal windows short cuts. If you actually hit Ctrl+v it prints out your initials the date and time (ECW 9/30/2005 10:37). If you right click then you can see that there is copy (c) and paste (v) and cut (x). But if I have to right click every time to copy and paste then it would be easier to retype the code. When I did some more exploring (because I knew there had to be a short cut keys because in the menu there was the option) I found that you have to hit Alt+c to copy. This can get quite annoying because if you are copying to somewhere outside of squeak (just in case all of squeak crashes and you can't get the image to work - I am a little worried about this since squeak seems prone to crashing) then you have to copy in squeak Alt+c then you have to go out of squeak and hit Ctrl+p. I still mess up and hit Ctrl+v while in squeak and get the stupid "ECW 9/30/2005 10:37" but at least I know immediately that I have done it wrong.

Discussion 3 - Peter Budny
I found this interesting because I had to do the text box resize text and I had a hard time getting it to work. I could get it to shrink but to the same size and text every time.

Discussion 3 - Hai Phan (gtg394v)
Even though I have not tried to compare strings yet I am sure it would have taken me forever to figure this out.

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