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Josh Holt Disc 3

One problem I've had in my time with Squeak was trying to determine how to select a file for opening with a StandardFileMenu. Essentially speaking, I knew that when I selected a file it would give me a StandardFileMenuResult, but I did not know how to get that result into a local variable for manipulation. To fix this problem, I had to remember that a StandardFileMenu would essentially "block" until it received a result. Therefore, the answer was simple, you could merely assign the result to a local variable, because by the time the assignment operator was accessed, a StandardFileMenuResult would exist.

One cool feature of Squeak is morphic. Its a good thing to know that everything displayed on your screen is a child of the Morph class. Therefore when looking for variables to use logic on to perform a specific task, like resizing text, the best place to look is in the base morphic class. Morphic is not simply a small feature of Squeak, to me, it is what makes Squeak different from other object-oriented languages (besides that that whole "SmallTalk" thing). Morphic in my opinion beats the pants off of MVC, as you can simply design your model, making your model independent of any view, and then you can easily plug into morphic buttons, text, and other nice little widgets.

Discussion 3 - Laura Parker I too, had a problem when first starting squeak with the IDE. Essentially, I'd start writing a method, and I would want to know the name of another method, or an instance, or I just needed to edit another method or class while still working on my current one. Solution...more and more browsers. Its cluttered, messy, but it works.

Discussion 3 - Steven Carr Lack of documentation has been one of the biggest issues I've had with Squeak. The nice thing about Squeak is that its very easy to get things up and running that would take a lot of time to do in other languages, such as Java. However, I'm frequently stuck on silly problems, such as what does a method return, how can I use it, etc. I haven't overcome this problem yet, as documentation even on the internet is very scarce.

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