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Discussion 3 -- Joseph Earle

Joseph Earle
Discussion 3

Part 1:
I have found the explorer menu to be very helpful. Not only does it let you explore all the functions of a piece of code, but you can then look at itís subclasses/ submorphs, which is a useful feature. Without it I would have had a much harder time realizing that my button was being added to the bookmorph and was just way out of bounds. Also, since it has the mini-workspace at the bottom (like the inspector) one can try little snippets of code to make sure they do what you want before implementing them.
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Part 2:

Discussion 3 - Robert Simpson – I agree with Robert: the inability to cast variables when making a call has caused me several problems as well. thus far the best solution i've found is to use the isKindOf method in an if statement.

Discussion 3 - Steven Carr – I also agree with Steven that the lack of documentation is aggravating. since most of the code was written by those were familiar with squeak, those few times that comments appear they are generally unhelpful to new users. And, as he said, there is almost no useful documentation on the web. where with java and c i can google for some help on a tough problem i'm having, here i cannot.

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