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Discussion 3 by Michael Gorbsky

Fall 2005 Discussion 3

Part 1: In detail, describe a feature of Squeak that you have found particularly useful. What is the feature? Why is it useful? How do you envoke it?

My first thought upon entering the world of Squeak was "Where do I download the API?" When I was unable to locate one, I became a little distressed (and by a little I mean totally freaking out). I had to resort to looking through thousands and thousands of varying classes and methods in the hopes that I would stumble across what I was looking for. Then I was introduced to the proper method of finding that which I was looking for. Through the combined instructions of the teacher and a very helpful TA, the wonderful world of the squeak search procedure was revealed to me. For instance, I needed to create a button customized to have some added functionality. So I searched through the Squeak classes for button, a few options came up. One of them was called SimpleButtonMorph, I like simple. I entered the class and began looking around at it. The functionality seemed right, but I still was not sure. Now in this next respect Java and Squeak are very similar. Both languages keep careful documentation with their code. The only difference is that Java has compiled all that documentation into a downloadable .html file. With the comments before me, I was able to decide that I had come across exactly what I needed. And in the case that the documentation was too confusing, I could always change back over to code view and look at the source code itself. This is something Java does not easily allow a user to do. Armed with this new knowledge, I sat down and wrote out my extention for the button so it would have the specifications I needed. Squeak does not have an API because it does not truly need one. All of the code and comments are easily reachable by searching through the list of available classes and then exploring the methods within them. This allows even new users, such as myself, a chance to understand the functionality of Squeak and hopefully improve upon it.

Part 2: Find two posts that you think are useful. Link to them on your original page and explain why you found them particularly useful.

Discussion 3 - Sashmit Bhaduri
This one I found very usefull as he gives not only the source code for making a file selector, but he also explains his thought process behind why he did what he did.

Discussion 3 - Trevor Bentley
Although there is not much information in his post, that implementors of function is very useful. It would be nice if he added something like sample code to his post, but bringing the functionality to the forefront is very nice.

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